How much does a Durolane treatment cost? 

Due to our special arrangement with the Durolane Company, we are able to offer Durolane for $400. Durolane is usually covered by extended insurance and is not billed as a naturopathic visit. In other words, it will not use up your naturopathic visit coverage. Please contact the clinic for more details.

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What are cartilage fillers for? 

  • Preventing cartilage injury in the knees and hips of those who do regular running or jumping. ​
  • Protection of further cartilage damage in those who suffer from arthritis. 

How do cartilage fillers work? 

When we are walking, we put roughly our own weight on our knees. However, when we are running (at speed of 6 minute mile), we put on 3 times our body weight on our knees. For those who do regular running or jumping, Durolane can extend the health of your knee and hip joints. 

​​Unlike the ligaments that can be healed using Prolotherapy, cartilage damage cannot be healed. Bones at the joints are held together by the ligaments. When ligaments become injured, the joint becomes “wobbly” and this leads to rapid cartilage damage even with what would be considered relatively “normal” activities. This is why an unstable joint must be healed. Arthritis is when the cartilage is already completely damaged, and the arthritic pain comes from bone rubbing on bone. Durolane can lubricate and therefore soften the bone-on-bone contact.

Durolane is a cartilage material that is put on top of the cartilage material in our joints. 1 shot of 3 cc into the knee or the hip joint is good for 1 year. 

Normal Knee

1. Normal cartilage provides a smooth surface so bones can move easily across each other.
2. High concentration of hyaluronan in synovial fluid cushions and lubricates the joint.
3.Normal bone

​Osteoarthritic Knee

​ 4. Eroded cartilage if completely worn away, bones may scrape painfully against each other.
5. Low concentration of hyaluronan in synovial fluid less able to protect the joint.
​ 6. Osteophytes (bone spurs)

Cartilage fillers