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The Farmer's Mindset

At Kingsway Naturopathic Clinic we embrace certain philosophies that guide our methods of treatment. We view the physician as a Farmer who provides the right conditions for growth and healing. The physician acts as a facilitator to health much like the farmer facilitates the growth of his crops. The farmer tills his land, fertilizes it and ensures there is a proper irrigation system before he sows his seeds in order to create a fertile environment for proper growth of his crops. Without the facilitation of the farmer, the seed would not germinate by itself. The seed possesses the DNA that would allow it to germinate but only if the right conditions were provided. This can be seen as the potential for its growth.

Similarly in every human being, there is the potential for healing but healing only takes place if the body is given the opportunity to do so. The body possesses an inherent innate wisdom for healing. For example, when you fall and cut yourself, the body is able to heal the wound through bleeding and then clotting. However if the cut is too deep, the body is unable to heal itself properly and assistance in the form of stitching up the cut, will provide the right conditions for healing to take place.

This is where the physicians at Kingsway Naturopathic Clinic play a role. We assess why the body is suffering from 'dis-ease' then we create the right conditions for healing to take place thereby assisting the body in it's own recovery.

​Levels of diagnosis and healing

Our approach to diagnosis of disease is multi-faceted. The same disease in 2 people can manifest itself in different ways. On the other hand, different diseases in 2 people can manifest itself in similar ways. This is why using a 'cookie-cutter' approach to healthcare is not always the best option. In a conventional medical approach, we view the symptoms of the disease as the disease itself. However, the symptoms of a disease usually represent the outermost layer of an onion. This outermost layer is usually treated well by palliation. Palliative care can occur through the use of pharmaceuticals, surgery, herbs and supplements.

Only by getting to the core of the onion is one able to reach optimum healing. Treating the symptoms of a disease is simply peeling off the first layer of the onion exposing what lies deeper yet closer to the cause of disease. As we get closer to the core of the onion, we begin to deal with more 'energetic disturbances' of the human body. At the deeper levels, the manifestation of disease may not be apparent to the naked eye nor may it show up on laboratory tests. Only by challenging the body in certain ways do we see a reaction by the system. At such a level, energetic therapies such as acupuncture, homeopathics, hypnotherapy, craniosacral therapy, chakra healing and energy toxin testing are used.  

As a physician, we have a 'tool bag filled with tools' at our disposal. Some 'tools' target removal of the outermost layer of the onion while others are more specific for deeper underlying layers. Depending on the level of diagnosis and healing required, we then use the 'tool' most suited for that level.   

Clinic philosophy