Joint Healing Therapies

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The human body has a total of 206 bones. At the points where 2 bones meet, we have a joint. Joints allow us to perform various movements and functions with our body otherwise we would simply be one stiff skeletal structure. Where 2 bones meet, we have a layer of cartilage and fluid which allows the smooth travel of bone over bone. In order to keep the skeletal structure in place, bones are held together by a tough string-like substance called ligaments. Surrounding the bones are muscles which themselves are held together by structures called tendons.

The wear and tear on these structures occurs through years of usage. Furthermore, injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents, sports etc. can greatly weaken these structures. Additional factors that contribute to wear and tear are excessive body weight as well as a poor diet and lifestyle causing greater inflammation in the joints and the surrounding areas. When this happens, pain and joint instability occurs. When a joint becomes unstable, muscles around the area contract and tighten up to compensate for the weakness as well as to "protect" the weakened area. This leads to multiple muscle imbalances, further joint instability and chronic pain.

At our clinic we offer various joint healing therapies that can correct these imbalances and improve the structural integrity of your joints. Pain and discomfort is usually what brings patients into the clinic. Living with it can be debilitating, affecting all areas of life. See how we can help today by clicking on the links to the right for more information. 

Joint healing

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