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What is neural therapy?

​Neural therapy is an injection therapy developed in Germany where injections of a local anaesthetic, nutrients or homeopathics are performed at various sites of the body known as interference fields. Interference fields are areas of membrane instability which can be found anywhere on the body along scar tissue, trigger points, acupuncture points, nerves and glands.

The basis of neural therapy is that physical and emotional trauma results in an imbalance in the electrochemical function of cells causing inteferences in the body. An electrochemical balance in a cell leads to an electrical disturbance which is carried to other parts of the body via the nerves of the autonomic nervous system. For example, a scar in one's leg could actually be the cause of chronic back pain. Interference fields are commonly caused by infections, illness, allergies, emotional trauma, physical trauma such as surgery, dental procedures, accidents, burns etc.

What can neural therapy treat?

​Neural therapy is an excellent therapy for the treament of any kind of PAIN. However, since neural therapy ultimately regulates the autonomic nervous system which controls our breathing, digestion, blood flow, heart rate etc., conditions resulting from an imbalance in the autonomic nervous system can be treated.

How does neural therapy work?

​All cells have membranes which allow the selective transport of ions and various substances across. This  happens due to the presence of  a membrane potential. Without a proper membrane potential, toxic substances are free to enter the cell and an imbalance in ions both inside and outside the cell can occur. This results in abnormal cell function which will eventually lead to dysfunction manifesting in disease.

​Sites of interference fields eg: scar tissue possess a different membrane potential from other healthy cells. The injection of substances such as procaine, a local anaesthetic, causes the cell's membrane potential to reset restoring proper cell membrane function. What we are doing here is providing the right conditions for healing to take place because the body is obviously unable to heal itself hence the manifestation of chronic pain.  

What can I expect from a neural therapy treatment?

​ Neural therapy uses both shallow injection techniques as well as some deeper procedures. As with any injection therapy, the site of the injection may be sore after the treament but this is usually well tolerated by most patients. If you have any allergies eg: allergy to local anaesthestics, please inform one of our doctors.

Neural therapy