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"I have had chronic backpain due to a car accident. I have got many treatments for my back by chiropractors, physiotherapists and many other types of health care professionals with little or no result. PRP with ozone therapy was the only method that really treated my pain. I am really thankful of Dr. Kim for his accurate diagnosis and wonderful professional care." 

Shahrad Hakimi

"This was my first acupuncture treatment (for my broken elbow) performed at Dr. Oon's clinic and it was wonderful! I felt very at ease with the entire experience. He also took time out to connect with me, ensuring that I felt comfortable and not tense considering it was my first acupuncture experience. Dr. Oon was not only efficient and knowledgable on how to alleviate the pain, he was also very thorough and patient in understanding exactly what happened with my elbow. Apart from our regular acupuncture sessions, he recommended me to also perform some light stretches and muscle relaxants which helped tremendously with the pain. My elbow has improved so much from his sessions such that I'm able to fully straighten my arm after just 6 sessions. I would highly recommend Dr. Oon to patients looking for a reliable and experienced naturopath."

J. Sonia

"Dear Dr. Oon, Thank you for your help with the healing process, which I find very helpful. Your healing method is very unique. Your application of naturopathy, acupuncture and hypnosis is truly amazing. I feel our continuing healing process will make a very positive impact on my health and life."
Michal Korcek

"Dr. Kim is awesome, he has helped me a lot and also my ligament injury from a car accident."  
Cleta Wee​

My husband and I have been coming here for about a year. We have been working with Dr. Kim and have been treated with kindest and respect. This goes for all staff at the clinic as well. I am amazed by Dr. Kim's knowledge and wisdom and always come away from the clinic in a peaceful state. I think a few of the key approaches of his treatments are: 
1) He doesn't push supplements or treatments.
2) He looks at the whole of you and takes one health problem at a time. For example: came in to see about my hormones but he first looked at my stomach. Secondly, he worked and is currently working on my pain through prolotherapy. This has always been my biggest source of stress and one I thought I just had to live with. Not anymore.  For me I have come to realize I was where I was before coming to the clinic because doctors gave me pills to cover up symptoms which didn't help but made matters worse. As a menopausal woman I struggled with sleep, pain and difficulty handling stress like I used to. I now take no medications for these issues. I feel my health is one of my most important investments. It is worth every penny. I would highly recommend the clinic for anyone seeking alternate ways to improve your health." 
Linda Watson

"Very knowledgeable. Stabilized my chronic lower back pain, lowered my very high cholesterol. Wise man."

"Prolotherapy given by Dr. Kim has always been very effective. Dr. Kim is very skilled in determining what the issue is. He's also very skilled at administering the prolotherapy. He knows just the right amount. He will assist your recovery by informing you how to care for yourself afterwards."
Norma Eng

"The weight loss program is the most effective weight loss program I have ever been on. If you are committed to following the program you will lose weight. In doing so, you will lose fat that could cause many illnesses if not lost." 
Norma Eng​

"Has been successful (ongoing) in meeting my weight goal. I am looking forward to realize the benefits related to my heart disease. Weight loss is approx 5 pounds per week."
Glen Robertson

"The more you are 100% to the program and yourself, the program gives you amazing results. It's safe and the needles are no big deal."