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​​We have entered into the era of hormones for health care. Hormones are a powerful means to assist the body in healing and bringing the person into a normal and optimum state of health. The reason hormones are so powerful is due to their ability to alter gene expression. At our clinic we incorporate the use of the hormone hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin) in conjunction with an individualized and holistic approach to assist with weight loss.      

What is hCG? 
hCG is a naturally occurring hormone, produced by the embryo and placenta and also known as the pregnancy hormone. The purpose of hCG is to maintain pregnancy by ensuring the constant production of progesterone. It also plays a role in nourishing the fetus using the fat stores from the mother. 

​What is the hCG diet?
The hCG diet is a weight management program that uses hCG injections in combination with a 500 Calorie diet. The hCG diet was proposed by a British endocrinologist, Albert T. W. Simeons in the 1950s, after witnessing fat loss in pregnant women on low Calorie diets and in adolescent boys with low testosterone levels treated with low dose hCG. 
When on the hCG diet, appetite and hunger tends to decrease as well allowing people to eat smaller amounts more comfortably. 

How does hCG work?
hCG alters a number of hormones and is also known as a pro-hormone as it increases production of hormones in the human body. It increases production of hormones if they are already low. In females, hCG increases estrogen, progesterone, thyroid hormone, and a small rise in testosterone. In males, hCG increases testosterone, thyroid hormone, and a small rise in estrogen. 
When combined with a very low Calorie diet such as a 500 Calorie diet, the fat stores are then broken down to fuel the energy requirements of the body. hCG has also been shown to increase the production of collagen which provides strength and structure to body tissue. 

It is important to note that calorie-restriction always accompanies a natural reduction in metabolism. However, when combined with hCG, this drop in metabolism is countered due to the effects of hCG being a pro-hormone. Here, it causes an increase in production of thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) which then increases the production of thyroid hormones which is largely responsible for metabolism. All of these factors can contribute to increases in the lean body mass and a significant reduction in fat loss.  While steroidal hormones such as estrogen, DHEA, progesterone, and testosterone can be taken orally, hCG must be injected intramuscularly. hCG is too large to be absorbed through the oral mucosa. If ingested, stomach acid and protease enzymes will destroy this protein hormone. 

hCG diet vs Regular dieting
In regular dieting one loses weight but most of the time muscle mass is lost as well. This may look good on the scales but this really isn't the weight that we want to lose. When we lose too much muscle mass, our metabolism slows down and this is what causes us to put on the pounds. 
With hCG on board, more muscle mass is preserved which would otherwise be lost. At our clinic, we are able to monitor this process through the use of a Bioimpedance analysis (BIA) machine which tells us how much fat mass, lean muscle mass, cellular water content one has amongst other parameters. This is an important monitoring step in the weight loss process and forms an integral part of our hormone-assisted weight management protocol. 

Our Weight Loss Program

We hold our weight loss programs in small groups of 10 or less where everyone meets 3 times over a period of a month. During each 2 hour meeting, we begin with weigh-ins, taking waist measurements and running a body composition report. This is followed by a comprehensive lecture portion where we also answer all your questions. The way we hold our weight loss program is meant to serve as a safe support network where you can share your difficulties, inspirations and experiences with one another. Realizing that you're not alone on this journey and being able to have the much needed support during such a healing process, is the foundation to this program.  

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Patient Testimonials


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The weight loss program is the most effective weight loss program I have ever been on. If you are committed to following the program you will lose weight. In doing so, you will lose fat that could cause many illnesses if not lost. 

Norma Eng

Has been successful (ongoing) in meeting my weight goal. I am looking forward to realize the benefits related to my heart disease. Weight loss is approx 5 pounds per week.

Glen Robertson

The more you are 100% to the program and yourself, the program gives you amazing results. It's safe and the needles are no big deal.